Clash Royale December 2018 Update

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The December update is a major release for Clash Royale. We’ve summarized all the new features:

New Tournament System

The tournament system is revamped with a new rewards system. The more you win tournament games the more rewards you can get. Every time you win you will advance up the reward track.

There are free rewards you get right away and at the end of the tournament you may choose to unlock all the bonuses for gems.

On top of that – Exclusive rewards will be given to the top players in the leaderboard. These rewards cannot be achieved unless you play the tournaments.

Last but not least – The new tournaments will be global.

Challenges Can be Continued!

This is one of my favorite new feature – You can continue a special challenge from your last success point. You keep your wins and start from zero loses. Now you can complete all challenges and get the best rewards.

New Star Levels

Star levels provides new cosmetics for max level cards. They are unlocked with star points from the moment you hit king level 13. From that point you accumulate start points every time you donate or upgrade a card. With the star points you can unlock star levels.
Star level I – Awesome deploy effect and a cool border
Star level II – Cosmetic changes
Star level III – Enhances the cosmetic changes to a whole new card design

More Trade Tokens & Gems

The chance of getting trade tokens in war bounties will be double than current probability. War bounties may also include gems.


New way to get emoticons – The emoticons will be available in the shop, so you will be able to buy them with gems.

Get More Cards!

Speed up your request card timer and get more cards from your clan.

Heist mode

A 1v1 new game mode that will be released for a limited time. The game mode is a reference to Supercell’s new game – Brawl Stars. Protect your safe and get your opponents gold.

Clan Search Improvements

It will be easier to search for a new clan.

Add New 2v2 Friends

You can add new friends from a 2v2 game.

When Will it Be Live?

Very soon – Stay tuned for the release date.

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