Ramp up challenge – A Winning Deck

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The Ramp Up challenge is about to end soon. I’ve tried a new deck that I’ve built specially for this challenge.
The deck is based on the giant and balloon. With average elixir cost of 4.1, no need for the pump specially when the moving into double time and triple time.

Elixir Cost: 4.1

Giant – The big tank that walks in front of all other cards. Used both for defense and attack.

Balloon – Great attack card used with the giant or the inferno as its tank. When used correctly can destroy a tower very fast.

Furnace – Great defense and attack building. Very good in defending the towers and helps the attack with its fire spirits.

Inferno Dragon – It’s main purpose is to destroy enemy’s tanks.

Bats – Quick support, usually behind other troops or to target grounds troops with only 2 elixir.

Electro Wizard – A multi purpose card. important to use it smartly when enemy has a lightning

Witch – I like to counter Pekka which was very popular is this challenge. Great behind a tank like the giant.

Fireball – A very useful spell. If your opponent has a three musketeer than save the fireball for it.

This is in a nutshell about my winning deck.

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