Clash Royale January 2019 Update

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Clash Royale released today a new version of Clash Royale with exciting new features like new game modes, a new exploding card and many more updates. Here is a summary of the new features in January release:

  • Token Trading upgrade – You can now select four cards that your clan members can give you in cards trading. This gives more flexibility to you and your clan mates to make an exchange.
  • New Arena Called Spooky Town – Spooky Town Arena is starting at 3600 trophies. The trophy count of all arenas was updated to spread out evenly between arenas. Another related change is rearranging cards within the arenas. Cards already unlocked will not be affected even when dropping to a lower arena.
  • New Hogs Game Modes – Royal Hogs will be spawning automatically for both opponents every 12 seconds.
  • Mini-collection Game Mode – Build a deck out of a collection of 40 cards.
  • The wall breakers – A new card that will be released on February. Two Barrels with Gunpowder running straight to the tower and exploding.

Check out the official video on the release:

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