Best Decks for the Mega Knight Challenge

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The Mega knight challenge awards the winner of 12 wins with the new legendary card almost two weeks before the global release to the game. If you would like to win this card together with additional great awards you should prepare with a deck that will leverage the following:

  • The Mega night is included in each deck. It attacks only ground troops and buildings with area damage of 240, but with spawn or jump damage of 480!!!
  • You can choose any card for your deck even if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

In this post we will gather best decks to play in the coming challenge.

Mega Knight & Hog Cycle Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

This is a known version of a hog cycle deck, yet in this deck the mega knight replaces the Pekka.

Check out the following video on how to use the deck. In this video Chief Pat, plays the deck. You may consider replacing the goblins with the mini pekka.

Miner Control Deck

Check out this version of a miner control deck suggested by BenTimm1:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Notice that the videos above created before the challenge started, so all the battles are in the clash royale’s developer arena.

What is your deck for getting a free mega knight?

More will be added here soon, so stay tuned…

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